I am nervous.

I am just a kid writing her first post on a website, afraid of people calling me naive and weird. Even though I know those stereotypical comments will be not worth listening to, I am naturally uncomfortable. But as a rational thinker, I am aware that discomfort is the only way I can truly grow. Some people don’t realize how pointless it is to be comfortable all the time and try to stay out of spotlight. But, in order to truly find out new information and grow, one needs to be put in new situations.

Learning is extremely important and is something that can be done in every situation. The difference is, how much you can learn. If you try new things, you can learn what you love to do. If you perform in front of others, you may learn more about the audience based on how they respond. If you show your skills to others, those people can teach you how perfect your skills when they give feedback. Of course things are different for everyone, but that is how I see the importance of discomfort.

On top of that, our life has hardly any meaning if we don’t strive to inspire others or even just entertain them. Once you’ve gained powerful insights, you can always discuss them with others. You may completely change them, or they will at least have another perspective to consider. If you put on an uncomfortable performance, you can show people how hard you have worked. They may be inspired to be just like that and try their best themselves. Or, you could simply entertain them. People may need time to sit back and release stress. If you put on a good show, they will likely enjoy it. If you don’t, they may find out what not to do in terms of performance.

Life is absolutely beautiful because you can give yourself the opportunity to grow, or inspire others yourself. The result of your experiences depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. In order to grow more, something new has to happen. Thank you for reading my first post. I hope I can learn how to communicate better and inspire others!

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